• Ohana Throwdown
    Edition 2020.

    Zaterdag 14 november (Master en Rookie) en zondag 15 november (RX en Elite)

    Register as from July 4th

4 Divisions

Master, Rookie, RX en Elite

3 categories.

Male buddy, Female buddy and Mixed Buddy (only RX !).


Will take place from September 7th until September 28th


Will take place on Saturday 14th (master and rookie) & Sunday 15th (RX and Elite) November 2020

Welcome to the Ohana Throwdown.

Do you want to be the fittest buddy team?

This fourth edition of the Ohana Throwdown is a true and fun test of fitness for buddy teams. It is a competitive fitness challenge open to every athlete. This two stage competiton starts with a qualification phase held from the 7th of September until the 28th of September 2020. The top 8 buddy teams of each category will then qualify for the final in Breda on November 14th or 15th.

The Ohana Throwdown is a buddy throwdown for Male, Female and Mixed teams in the divisions Master, Rookie, RX and Elite (except for the Mixed teams who will only be in the RX division).

Ohana means family.

“Ohana” means family and with organizing this Throwdown we would like to emphasize this particular factor of our community, because we believe that CrossFit is not just about running fast, lifting heavy weights, getting tired and breaking records… it’s also about being social, about bonding with your fellow athletes, it’s about community and motivating each other in the gym and beyond. Because when it’s really hard and the shit hits the fan … we leave no one behind! That’s CrossFit, that’s Ohana !

The story behind our logo.

We believe in the idea behind the phrase ‘Ohana’. Ohana comes from the Hawaiian language and culture. Therefor our logo contains a Hawaiian symbol. To be precise, a tribal shark symbol from Hawaii. Hawaiian tribal designs symbolize religious devotion, rites, bravery, status, ranks and heritage. There are a variety of symbols used in Hawaiian tribal symbols that possess different meanings. As per the fact, sharks resemble a powerful creature and are considered sacred. It is a symbol of protection to the wearer. And protection is what all of us need from time tot time. Whether in real life or in a CrossFit Throwdown. That is also what we think ‘Ohana’ brings. When the going gets tough, you can always count on your (CrossFit) friends and family

Ohana Throwdown powered by Impact Sports Academy / ISA CrossFit te Breda

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